BSCKII. Bùi Bích Thủy

Head of Infectious Diseases Department
Haiphong Medical University, Vietnam

Dr. Thuy Bui Thi Bich is a Lecturer, Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at Haiphong Medical University, Haiphong City, Vietnam and Deputy of Infectious Diseases Department at Vietnamese - Czech General Hospital in Haiphong city. She also work as visiting lecturer for Ministry of Health on HIV/AIDS and palliative care in Vietnam. Dr.Thuy provide technical assistance on palliative care and HIV/AIDS for doctors/nurses of AIDS outpatient clinics.

Dr. Thuy successfully developed e-learning in Palliative Care in Hai Phong Medical University. The first time she applied this training method to provide basic palliative care knowledge was on May 15, 2010. On July 6, 2011, She held the opening ceremony at Vietnamese - Czech General Hospital of the Palliative Care Unit for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH). She became the first Chief of Palliative Care Unit in Haiphong city, Vietnam.

Dr.Thuy graduated from Hanoi Medical University with major in internal medicine in 1981 and got post-graduated diploma level I in infectious diseases in 1987, level II in 1997. She is one of the first doctors who was specially trained for HIV/AIDS and she has gone through palliative care training courses by VCHAP (Vietnam - CDC- Harvard Medical School AIDS partnership) and a intensive course at National Cancer Centre  of  Singapore.

On Jan 2012 Dr.Thuy have received diploma “International Palliative Care Leader” from International Palliative Care leadership Initiative, US

Dr. Thuy is the principal researcher for study of  pain among injection drug users with AIDS in Haiphong, study on pain & psychological support for HIV/AIDS patients in Haiphong, study of palliative care needs to help building a palliative care model in Haiphong City, Vietnam.

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